Meet Alicia

alicia Kirch The Whole Woman Co.

Hi Friend,

I’m Alicia. I’m a woman in midlife, like you.

When I turned 50, I was exhausted, sick, and walking away from a successful business. I had spent my life chasing approval and running from fear. Any success I had in my life went uncelebrated as I chased the next thing. I planned to step out of one career into another, smooth sailing, no bumps. I would pick up and keep going, running and chasing. Well, things did not go the way I planned. I’m not going to lie; I had a major crash and burn when I hit 50!  I didn’t know myself anymore. My health, my soul, and maybe God (?) wouldn’t let me continue down the path that ruined my health, robbed my joy, and honestly, kept me from becoming the best I can be.

I hit a Y in the road. I had to make a choice. I could keep pushing myself forward even though I was sick and miserable, OR I could pause, step back and figure out what I was doing, why I was doing it, and how I could do things differently. I chose to pause. I can tell you that I have unloaded more mental and emotional crap in the last four years than I had in all my previous years. I learned how to change the way I think. I learned how to manage my emotions, and most importantly, I learned that I am a damn good life+wellness coach with a passion for helping other women live healthily, passion-filled, purpose-driven lives.

I found that health happens when I am connected to God, walking in my values, eating clean & healthy food, moving my body, and connecting with people I love and trust.

Experience is the best teacher, hands down! My life experiences, work experience, health journey, walk with God, and training have brought me to this place and the creation of The Whole Woman Co. My experiences have taught me this; my greatest strength was buried in the rubble of my pain; God redeems it all if you let Him; running from pain will make you sick, and I am stronger than I ever knew.

I know this is the halfway mark in my life (at least), and I am determined to feel as healthy, vibrant, and alive as I can in this second half. Serving women in midlife is brings me life; it’s my calling. Coaching is my gift. Helping women transform pain into power is why I am here.

I am still a work in progress. I am imperfectly showing up to serve. Starting a new career path in midlife has been the best thing ever! I love being in my 50’s; I love living free from the old crap that used to weigh me down, and I love that I get to bring other women along for the journey.

Thanks for being here,

XO, Alicia