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Coaching with Alicia.

The purpose of hiring a Life Coach is to help you reach your true potential in life, love, career and self-acceptance.

You have old stories and beliefs that keep you from living the meaningful life you were created for. Learn to discover yourself in a deep and powerful way. Let go of the limiting identity your holding onto and become the woman you are meant to be. The. Whole. Damn.Thing.


One:One Coaching Experience

The One:One Coaching Experience is for the woman who is looking to have a customized, personalized coaching experience with Alicia.

The terms of your coaching experience will be determined following an initial consult.

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The Group Connection Experience

The Group Connection Experience is for women who are looking for other women to come together with to learn to be vulnerable, honest, create deep connection and create a vision for a life she loves on her own terms.

Announcements will be made when a Group Connection Experience is opening. More details about that group will be given at the time of the announcement.

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