Life+Wellness Coach for Women In Midlife.





The Whole Woman Co. is on a mission to help women in midlife live well. 


Midlife can be an amazing but exhausting season in a women’s life. 

After decades of caring for family, hustling and grinding at a career, and putting our needs last, we are tired!

My method for coaching women in midlife is the perfect match of  Life + Wellness Coaching. This combo helps me to work with you body, mind, and spirit. 

Life coaching will be your roadmap back to yourself! Your best years are in front of you and it’s time to forgive, heal, grow, and move forward into the life that you have been putting off. Life coaching will help you stop the negative thinking that keeps you exhausted and stuck. You will find your dreams and passions as you learn to love yourself.

Wellness coaching will address your lifestyle habits and behaviors that are keeping your from feeling and being your best. From sleep to building healthy relationships to the food you put into your body, it’s all apart of your wellness journey.

This truly is wholistic coaching for the body, mind, & spirit.

Speaking of spirit, I am a Jesus lover. My faith shapes who I am. If that’s not for you, I completely understand. Not all my clients are Jesus people, but many are. I feel like I should put that out there now.

This is the time for you rediscover yourself, reimagine your dreams, restore your soul, and recreate your life.