Alicia Kirch

I’m an East Coast girl living in Colorado. I am a Life Coach, a blogger and a creative, an entrepreneur, and a  business owner.  Everyday, I do my best to do something that requires me to be brave, but, I’m not always successful. Truth telling and a truth-seeking are life to me. Learning is my relentless pursuit.  I’m woman who can’t stop dreaming of ways to serve and inspire women to boldly pursue their dreams. My favorite roles in life are being the wife of Mr. Brett Kirch,  and the dog mom to four crazy Aussies!

Life is to be lived in full pursuit of all we are created to be. Your life is no exception.

I was that woman who had a successful business,  incredible clients and enjoyed all that came with being at the top of my profession: burnout, lost identity, frustration, overwhelm and feeling so stuck that I wanted to crawl out of my own skin. I tried changing my schedule, new productivity apps, changing my mindset, yoga, more prayer, more church and the result was the same; exhaustion, frustration and eventually sadness. I could not figure out what was wrong. I should be happy…

It turns out, being good at something isn’t the same as living life on purpose. Having a busy business does not equal meaning and impact.

Frustration, exhaustion, sadness, emptiness; these are not requirements for a “successful” life. In fact, I would tell you they are messengers, symptoms sent from a flagging heart desperate to be heard.

I closed my successful business, said goodbye to my clients and set out on a journey that has completely changed my life (and still is).  Deep inner work with God, a good therapist and coaches launched me forward. I learned to literally change my own mind. I sought truth, even when it was completely painful. Yup, I learned to embrace the suck. Now, I define success, beauty and life on my terms. Oh, I did all this at the age of 50. New beginnings can happen at any time and any age. It’s a brave new world friends, and there’s no turning back!

I am committed to paying forward what’s been given to me. My purpose is helping women discover the life that is calling them and to define success, beauty and life, on their terms.

I hope you will join me.


Alicia K.